Want A GR Corolla MORIZO In Canada? You Have To Apply And Convince Toyota You’re Socially Worthy


When it was introduced, it was determined that the Ford GT was so desirable and limited, that it might entice resellers. The automaker, therefore, asked potential buyers to fill out an application in order to ensure that they were proper enthusiasts. This appears to have inspired Toyota Canada.

The automaker has decided that its, admittedly cool, high-performance take on the Corolla is worthy of the same selectivism as the stratospherically-priced supercar from Ford. Toyota Canada is asking its customers to enter the GR Corolla MORIZO Edition Contest in order to win the opportunity to buy the limited edition car.

To be fair, this is the highly limited, even more intense “MORIZO Edition” of the car, not just the regular GR Corolla. Limited to just 200 examples worldwide, and just nine in Canada, according to The Autopian, which caught this first, the limited edition model adds 22 lb-ft (30 Nm) of torque, drops the rear seats, cuts 50 kg (110 lbs) of weight, and adds a number of additional performance parts.

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All of which makes the Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO Edition a serious enthusiast’s special. That’s why, the brand says, it’s working to “reach out to the Canadian auto-enthusiast community and select potential buyers for this vehicle.”

Those interested in buying the car must, therefore, fill out a survey that asks them their name, age, social media presence, sports car experience, how comfortable they are with Toyota Canada posting about them, and more. It also straight up asks them why they “would make a great candidate for owning this vehicle,” though they only have 500 characters to answer that.

It also asks some interesting questions, like how many performance cars they’ve previously owned, to describe their past experience with Toyota, how they’ll use their car, and what their “favorite Canadian stretch of road to drive on” is. We’ve asked Toyota Canada for more information, but it has not yet responded.

It’s all quite involved for a hatchback that retails for $59,990 CAD ($42,666 USD at current exchange rates). Then again, it’s unclear what would be a better way to sell the car, considering how highly limited it is.

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