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Want To Show Off To Your Friends With This Gullwing-Door Bentley Arnage Limo?


The Bentley Arnage is a already a luxurious car but this particular example, currently up for sale on eBay, is a little more special than usual.

Listed with a classified price of $79,950, this Arnage is unique as it has been converted into a limousine. While the thought of transforming a pricey luxury sedan into a extended limo may rub some people the wrong way, it results in a very distinctive mode of transportation that’s bound to turn heads.

The listing notes that the Bentley is located in Beverly Hills and that it has only been driven 16,880 miles (27,165 km) since new. Limited details have been provided about the process that saw it transformed into a limousine but it is now finished in a shade of ‘burgundy red-wine’ and sits on a set of orange and silver wheels.

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Open up one of the rear gullwing doors and you will find a mini bar, TV, Berline headliner, two rows of seats that face each other, heaps of legroom, and an aftermarket audio system. Almost all of the panels are finished in cream-colored leather and there is also a rear-view camera. Multi-colored lighting is also found throughout. Many of the special functions can be controlled from the rear but the front passenger compartment also houses a host of new buttons and switches to control things like the lights, the laser, the radio, and the intercom.

Just like a normal Bentley Arnage, this one is powered by a V8 engine, namely the flagship 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged mill that produced 397 hp and 616 lb-ft (835 Nm) of torque when it was new.

The seller notes that the Bentley will be sold with the original service handbook, manufacturer’s literature, and a clean Carfax report.


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