Watch A BMW Driver T-Bone Toyota In The Bronx And Make A Run For It


Dashcam footage has captured the moment that the driver of a BMW sedan crashed into the side of a Toyota Highlander in the Bronx, New York.

The video starts off by showing the driver of the Highlander making a left-turn onto a highway entry ramp and at the same time, a silver BMW 3-Series can be seen approaching in the opposite direction, making a right-turn onto the highway entry ramp.

While there is some dispute by online commentators about who had the right of way, it appears as though the driver of the 3-Series made the turn from the incorrect lane, cutting off another vehicle in the process and likely fooling the Highlander driver into thinking they had enough time to make the turn.

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Regardless of who is to blame for the crash, the video shows that the BMW plows straight into the passenger-side rear quarter panel of the Toyota, spinning the SUV around 180 degrees.

The driver of the Toyota, likely quite shocked by the incident, quickly turns around and pulls over. However, the driver of the German sedan was in no mood to do the same and quickly flees the scene of the crash, speeding off into the distance. While the cammer appears to try and give chase, they were unable to keep up with the 3-Series.


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