Watch A BMW Z3 M Flooded By Hurricane Ian Get A Deep Clean


A BMW Z3 M Roadster that had been flooded in Hurricane Ian and then submerged into a lake is not a car you would want to drive on the road again. However, the team at WD Detailing decided to give the model a deep clean, in order to be salvaged for parts.

WD Detailing saw this Z3 as an opportunity to make great content for their channel which is why they took the challenge of detailing the flooded car. The situation was even worse than expected, as the BMW was purposely submerged in a lake before the cleaning process began.

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From the outside, the Z3 didn’t look that bad if you overlook the broken front bumper, the foggy headlights, and the flat tires. The interior though was a total mess, with mud covering everything and murky water underneath the carpets.

The detailing process started by removing the seats and the center console in order to get rid of as much debris as possible with a vacuum cleaner. Detailing experts don’t usually have the chance to pressure wash the interior of a vehicle, but here it was deemed necessary. After all, the damage had already been done to non-waterproof components and there was really no other way of cleaning the upholstery. After a huge amount of work and a lot of drying, the BMW found its lost charm, looking surprisingly clean for a car that had been submerged in water.

Flood damage is among the worst things that can happen to a car. Water destroys the electrical components and ruins the interior, often to the point of no return, even though some cars are repaired and sold with clean titles without the buyers being properly informed.

Thankfully, this is not the case with the flooded BMW Z3 M Roadster which is doomed never to return in a roadworthy condition. According to WD Detailing, the whole point of the deep clean was to allow some parts to be sold, always with the note they are sourced from a flooded vehicle.


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