Watch How The New Honda Civic Type R Is Built At Japan’s Yorii Plant


The Honda Civic Type R has long been one of the industry’s very finest hot hatches and with the new FL5-generation model, the Japanese car manufacturer has produced a truly great performance car.

Each and every Civic Type R is brought to life at the car manufacturer’s Yorii plant in Japan. However, not every component of the Civic Type R is built here. In fact, the beating heart of the car, its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, is actually produced at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio while the six-speed manual transmission is from Honda’s Suzuka factory. Honda then ships these components to the Ogawa Plant where they are brought together and delivered to Yorii.

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The Yorii plant handles the rest of the manufacturing process. This starts with the shell of the Civic Type R that is sprayed with a polyurethane top coat while robots are used to ensure that the doors, hood, and trunk function as they should. Key parts are then installed, including the front and rear bumpers.

When the Civic Type R reaches the end of the production line, it undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection that includes a complete alignment of the suspension.

The latest generation uses an improved version of Honda’s K20C1 turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is good for 315 hp at 6,500 rpm and 310 lb-ft (420 Nm) of torque between 2,600 and 4,000 rpm in U.S. specification. Small performance gains were achieved over the original version of this engine thanks to alterations made to the size, shape, and number of turbine blades of the turbocharger. Honda has also increased air intake flow and fitted a more efficient exhaust.


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