Watch In Terror As This BMW 3-Series Rally Car Crashes And Gets Impaled By A Wooden Pole


The driver and passenger of a BMW E36 3-Series have been lucky to avoid serious injury after a crash during a recent rally event in Europe.

Dramatic dashcam footage filmed from inside the BMW initially shows the driver powering down a straight without any issues. As he approaches a complex of corner where there were plenty of spectators, he steers to the right and comes over a crest in the road at high speed. On the other side of this crest was a left-hand bend but unfortunately for the driver, he was simply traveling too fast to safely make the corner.

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The BMW rally car understeers through the bend before careening off the road and through a grass ditch. Things then go from bad to worse as the rally car takes out a fence made from large wooden poles, one of which pierces the windshield and ends up in between the driver and the passenger.

Had the wooden pole struck either the driver or the passenger, they could have been left with serious injuries or even killed.

We haven’t been able to find any photos taken of the E36 3-Series in the aftermath of the crash but it’s safe to suggest that the damage done is comprehensive and that the car will need some serious repairs if it is to ever return to rallying.



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