Watch Milwaukee Police Pursue An Alfa Romeo Stelvio For Almost 15 Minutes


Police in Milwaukee have released dramatic dashcam footage from a recent chase involving a white Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The chase actually occurred on November 9 last year but footage of it has only just been released. Authorities were on the lookout for the Stelvio as it was wanted in a carjacking. They can be seen attempting to stop the SUV but as soon as they turned on their sirens, the Alfa Romeo driver stepped on the gas. Police immediately initiated a pursuit.

During the 15-minute video, police hit over 75 mph (121 km/h) on residential streets and less than 2 minutes into the chase, the driver of the Stelvio starts speeding down the wrong side of the road, dodging and braking to avoid head-on collisions with vehicles traveling the opposite direction.

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As the chase progresses, the driver of the SUV has no hesitation in running through multiple red lights in their attempts to flee from the police. However, for the entirety of the chase, the patrol car was right on the tail of the Stelvio. Throughout, one of the officers can be heard stating that the alignment of the Alfa Romeo seemed off and that it was struggling to stay straight.

Just before the thirteen minute mark of the video, the SUV crawls to a stop and three of the four occupants immediately make a run for it. One of the occupants calmly surrenders and is hard cuffed while police could be seen pursuing the other suspects both on foot and with their patrol cars.

It is unclear if all four occupants were arrested.


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