Watch The Citroen C5 X’s Advanced Comfort Active Suspension In Action


Citroen is known for some of the most comfort-obsessed models ever created. While the innovative hydropneumatic suspension has been discontinued, the French carmaker has now developed a new active suspension system for the new C5 X flagship, promising a pillowy ride and all the comfort you’ve learned to expect from a big Citroen.

The plug-in hybrid variant of the C5 X is the only Citroen that comes standard with the “Advanced Comfort Active Suspension”. The system retains the dual Progressive Hydraulic Cushions that are also found in other members of the lineup but combines them for the first time with electronic shock absorber control. Citroen says that the new setup offers smoother damping and good handling. The automaker went as far as suggesting that their flagship offers “unrivalled comfort in its category”, although it is not clear whether they are referring to the midsize segment or just the crossover fastbacks.

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In the video we can see the C5 X going over different types of bumps, braking hard, and practicing high-speed maneuvers similar to the moose test during its development. The softness of the suspension is evident during the tests, although the model doesn’t seem to lose its composure even under extreme scenarios.

Each of the four wheels is independently controlled, with an array of sensors (four vertical position sensors and three wheel-speed sensors) analyzing road conditions in order for the electronic control unit to determine the optimum configuration of the shock absorbers in real-time. The suspension has three modes – Normal, Comfort, and Sport. The first two are similar when driving under 50 km/h (31 mph) but have a different setup at higher speeds, prioritizing handling/body support or a “magic carpet ride”. Finally, the Sport mode is tighter and more fitting for spirited driving, although those terms sound a bit out of context for the land-yacht nature of the C5 X.

Denis Mineret, Head of Development of C5 X Suspension Systems spent four years working on the new suspension: “For the development of the C5 X, we had to comply with a very stringent set of specifications: take a step further in developing the smooth ride that sets Citroën suspension apart, while offering a very high level of body support”.

Those comments hint at a Citroen-specific setup which is a logical move for the Stellantis brand to differentiate itself from its counterparts. The Citroen C5 X is based on a stretched version of the EMP2 platform which is shared with the similar Peugeot 408 fastback crossover and the Peugeot 508.

The plug-in hybrid variant is fitted with a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine and a single electric motor, producing a combined 222 hp (165 kW / 225 PS). Power is transmitted to the front axle through an eight-speed automatic gearbox allowing a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration in 7.9 seconds. As for the EV range, the 12.4 kWh battery is good for a WLTP figure of 50 km (31 miles).

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