Watch The Hyundai Elantra N Put The Subaru WRX In Its Place During Multiple Drag Races


Over the last decade, we’ve watched as Subaru and Hyundai have gone in different directions with regard to athletic automotive offerings. The WRX has slowly gone from an all-out performance bargain to a car that features a CVT only in its top trim. On the other hand, Hyundai has created its N division and has launched multiple performance cars. That includes the Elantra N that’s about to wipe the floor with a new WRX in this video.

Brought to us by YouTube channel Sam CarLegion, the real story is that these cars are both equipped with a manual transmission. Of course, feathering a clutch out after dumping it makes this sort of race far more challenging for the drivers too.

In fact, the potent Elantra N powertrain, a turbocharged four-cylinder, causes so much wheel hop in the first race that the WRX, with its AWD system, is able to leap out to a commanding lead and hold on til the finish line. That’s the last of its successes though.

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In the second dig race, the WRX once again manages to rocket off of the line with a small lead but it evaporates, not unlike our hopes for a WRX STI, quite quickly. By the time the WRX reaches third gear, the Hyundai begins to gain ground fast and by the end of the race, the Elantra has a clear victory.

The roll races aren’t much closer since the Hyundai already has grip and the WRX loses that singular advantage. Hyundai has gone from a company that we wouldn’t have ever considered to rival Subaru in terms of performance a few years ago to one that can actually beat the Japanese brand now.

Ultimately we aren’t all that shocked by this sort of performance from the Elantra N. It has 276 hp (205 kW) and 289 lb-ft (391 Nm) of torque whereas the WRX makes 271 hp (202 kW) and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm). In a straight line, so long as the Hyundai can get a grip and the driver doesn’t miss a shift, it can apparently give the Subaru a run for its money.


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