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Watch The Terrifying Moment A Train Smashes Through A Stranded Bus In The Netherlands


A terrifying crash occurred in The Netherlands last Monday, when a train smashed through a city bus, cutting it in half. Thankfully there were no injuries reported since the bus was empty of passengers and the driver escaped unharmed albeit in shock.

In the video uploaded on YouTube by Hart van Nederland, we can see the vehicle stranded on the train crossing in the Bergen op Zoom area. The empty bus was heading to the garage after the end of a shift when it broke down in the worst possible spot – the train tracks. The 67-year-old bus driver run out but it was too late for the train to stop.

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The flashing red lights and the barriers signaled there was a train approaching from a close distance. Without enough space for the train to brake, the accident was inevitable. The sheer force of the collision cut the bus in half like it was made out of cardboard. Debris was flying everywhere and the windows got shattered. A second video shot by a VW driver who happened to be at the spot shows the rear end of the three-axle bus detached from the front.

Thankfully, all 85 passengers that were on the train didn’t get injured, continuing their trip with a bus after they got checked by paramedics. As reported by the local news agency AD, the train was derailed and there was some damage on the tracks. The electrical explosions that occurred just after the crash showed there was damage to the infrastructure. Local authorities said they would need three days to repair the damage before the line from Roosendaal to Bergen op Zoom and to Zeeland got back into service.


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