Watch Thieves Steal A Bentley Continental GT And Smash Through A Security Gate


Security camera footage has captured the moment that thieves stole a Bentley Continental GT from the South Florida home of famous sports agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The video shows the thieves breaking into Rosenhaus’s property. One thief then proceeded to get into the Continental GT and start it up as it was left unlocked and the keys were left inside. The car was then reversed straight through the property’s security gate.

“You can clearly look at the video of them breaking in and stealing the car,” Rosenhaus said. “Three people, there’s a Mercedes-Benz that’s driving behind my car on the video, they went through the security gate. I’m glad that I’m a person of notoriety who can bring attention to this. I’ve been told by Miami Beach Police that there’s a rash of these robberies, burglaries taking place.”

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Rosenhaus revealed that he was sleeping at home with his wife and kids at the time his Bentley was stolen. Local police forces responded to a similar crime on the same night but in that case, the thieves left the car running and unattended.

“I was not aware this was happening until the police came into my home, but if I had any inkling that they were breaking into my car, I would’ve gone out there with my firearm, and I don’t know what would’ve happened at that point,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m gonna protect my family at all cost.”

Speaking with 7 News, the sports agent hit out directly at the thieves, stating: “I’m gonna do everything within my power to get you. You mess with the wrong person, wrong family, the wrong neighborhood, we’re gonna put you behind bars.”



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