Watch This Driver Deliberately Blocking Ambulance


A Suzuki Vitara driver has had his day in court for his appalling behavior in February, when he was caught on dashcam deliberately impeding an ambulance trying to respond to an emergency.

According to the Thames Valley Police, the South Central Ambulance Service was dispatched to respond to a call about a man who had collapsed.

En route to the scene, with lights and sirens activated, the ambulance overtook the Suzuki being driven by Albert Butler. This apparently enraged him as he then overtook the ambulance, pulled in front of it, and then hit the brakes.

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As the two vehicles continued along the same route, Butler brake checked the ambulance and slowed its response to the emergency. He also refused to let the ambulance pass, even going as far as to drive down the middle of the road.

Butler pled guilty to charges of dangerous driving and obstructing/hindering an emergency worker in August, and his sentencing was held earlier this month. For his actions, the Reading Crown Court gave him an eight month prison sentence (suspended) and 200 hours of unpaid work that must be completed over an 18-month period. Butler was also banned from driving for three years and forced to pay £600 ($703 / £689).

In a statement, Sergeant Matt Cadmore said “The manner of Butler’s driving was completely unacceptable. In deliberately attempting to hinder the progress of this ambulance, he was putting other road [users] at great risk, and at the same time, delaying an emergency vehicle en route to a medical emergency.” He added, “Seconds can make all the difference when an ambulance is on an emergency call, and the delays that Butler caused could have had significant impacts to the call that they were attending.”

His sentiments were echoed by the Director of Operations at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, which called the incident the worst he’s ever seen. Mark Ainsworth added, “The senseless and irresponsible actions undertaken by the defendant put himself, other road users and our ambulance crew at risk of serious injury or even worse.”

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