Watch Truck Driver Horrifyingly Lose Control After Cab Swings Forward


Driving a truck is difficult and as one trucker in Japan recently discovered, it’s especially difficult when you can’t see what’s in front, to the sides, or behind you.

The bizarre incident you see here occurred in Japan and rear-facing dashcam footage of it has quickly gone viral on Reddit. It is so unusual that you may have to watch it multiple times to see exactly what is happening.

Things start in a tunnel when the driver of the truck was forced to slam on the brakes in order to avoid rear-ending a Toyota Prius. In the process of doing this, the cab of the truck swings forward and slams into the road, leaving the driver with no way of seeing or controlling the truck. They end up rear-ending the Prius but given that the brakes likely didn’t work after the cab swung forward, the trucker had no way of stopping.

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The cammer starts to slow down but quickly realizes that the truck is approaching him from behind. He hits the throttle and turns left at an intersection while the truck continues to drive forward, without any signs of slowing down.

It is unclear what happened after the truck drove through the intersection but it likely came to a stop after hitting something.

The cabs of trucks like these are designed to swing forward so the engines and other mechanical parts can be serviced. Evidently, the person who opened up the cab of this truck forgot to lock it back into place and in doing so, didn’t just put the safety of the driver at risk but also that of other motorists.


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