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We Face Swapped The Ferrari Purosangue With Some Pretty Interesting Results


This story contains face-swapped Purosangue renders created by Thanos Pappas for CarScoops for entertainment purposes that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ferrari.

Inspired by all of the face-swapping that is currently happening in our world in both physical and digital forms, we decided to try our own renderings based on popular models. And what better way to start than the Ferrari Purosangue, which is the first high-riding model from Maranello. Coming out of the digital surgery room, the hyper-SUV changes its identity as the Toyota Priusangue, the Vinfastangue, and the Lamborghini Urusangue.

Toyota Priusangue

We start by addressing the elephant in the room which is the obvious similarity between the headlights (and not only) of the Ferrari Purosangue and the new Toyota Prius. Both vehicles have thin LEDs connected through a black strip, creating an area on the nose that looks like an F1 spoiler. In Ferrari’s defense, this design feature was introduced by the SF90 Stradale in 2019, with a similar treatment incorporated by the bZ and Crown line of Toyota concepts and production models.

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The face of the fifth-generation Toyota Prius is admittedly the best match for the Ferrari Purosangue. The result looks surprisingly natural, with the Prius bumper and headlights beautifully merging with the rest of the Purosangue body. You’ll probably need a second look in order to realize what is wrong with the image. One thing is for sure – if we were shown this design a few years ago, we would think that Toyota went nuts and created a new Supra premium SUV flagship with sexy proportions.

Notably, this is not the first time the words Toyota and Ferrari coexist in the same phrase. A few years ago, a previous-gen Toyota Prius transformed into a Ferrari FF lookalike thanks to a bodykit from the Japanese tuner Albermo. However, things have moved on a lot since, with Toyota’s latest design language working even better in combination with Ferrari styling cues.


For the next transformation, we used the front end of the Vinfast VF 7. The Vietnamese SUV might be fully electric, unlike the ICE-powered Purosangue. However, its sleek front end with the elongated LEDs, the split headlight arrangement, the sculpted bonnet, and the sporty bumper intake are a good match for the Ferrari body.

We have to admit that Vinfast has a pretty modern and distinct design language for such a young automaker, so Ferrari is the one that should be concerned if this render works well.

Lamborghini Urusangue

Lamborghini is Ferrari’s strongest and closest competitor, so the Lamborghini Urus couldn’t be missing from an article about face-swapped Purosangues. The Sant’Agata Bolognese SUV might not be as fast, exclusive, or expensive as the one coming from Maranello, but it remains one of the most popular performance-focused offerings in the segment.

We used the front bumper and headlights of the recently revealed Lamborghini Urus Performante which is the meanest Urus yet even though it hasn’t changed much since the debut of the original in 2017. While the large intakes and the aggressive splitter are styling cues coming from the world of supercars, we have to admit that the angular surfacing and design language of Lamborghini is not a good match with the curvy profile of the Ferrari.

Wearing its own face and despite the steep pricing, the Purosangue proved to be quite popular with buyers as it has already been sold out for the next two years forcing Ferrari to halt orders. We don’t think that any owners would be interested in modifying their Purosangue, but if you had a spare one, which alternative face would you choose? Are there any other models that you would like to see in similar transformations?

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