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We Still Desperately Want A Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake Like This Rendered Study


The following story includes independently made renderings by Sugar Design that are neither related to nor endorsed by Jaguar.

Jaguar will soon cease production of the F-Type sports car, bringing an end to one of the industry’s most beautiful cars and marking an important point in Jaguar’s transition into a Bentley rival.

The British car manufacturer has been producing the F-Type since 2014 and in that time, it has been sold in Coupe and Convertible configurations. A limited-run Speedster variant dubbed the Project 7 was also built for a short time. One body style that Jaguar never experimented with was a Shooting Brake and after seeing these stunning renderings from Sugar Design, we’re even more disappointed that such a car doesn’t exist.

In creating an F-Type Shooting Brake, the designer started off with the pre-facelift model which, in our opinion, looks better than the updated model. As such, the larger and more traditional headlights are featured.

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The front half of the car is typical F-Type but the roof has been extended and flows back into a steeply-raked rear window. A unique twin roof spoiler is also while most of the rear fascia remains untouched from a regular F-Type.

The car somewhat looks like a mix between and a Jaguar I-Pace and an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake, which is certainly no bad thing.

Were Jaguar itself to ever built a Shooting Brake version of the F-Type, it probably wouldn’t have sold in high numbers, making it hard to justify putting such a model into production. However, there’s always the remote possibility that an aftermarket firm could decide to send the F-Type in style with a Shooting Brake version. All that’s needed is a committed owner that’s willing to sacrifice a standard F-Type Coupe to make something truly unique.

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