We’re Not Quite Sure What To Make Of This Tesla Model S With A Lamborghini Huracan Front End


Given how few options Tesla offers for their vehicles, some owners will go to great lengths to get theirs to stand out from the pack. Quite possibly the most unique example we’ve seen of this is this Model S, which features the front end of a Lamborghini Huracan.

Images shared to Reddit’s r/WeirdWheels show an all-black Model S with the front bumper from a Huracan, and we have to admit it looks a lot better than we would have expected.

In addition to the bumper, the headlights also have a different shape and bulb pattern than the normal ones, which suggests they may be emulating the Lamborghini as well. And on the topic of headlights, quite possibly the most surprising feature of this front end swap is that body lines coming off the Huracan’s headlight area actually manage to blend into the Tesla’s stock hood lines.

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With that being said, it’s almost certainly not an original Huracan bumper (since the Lamborghini measures almost 9 inches wider than the Tesla), which would theoretically mean it could’ve been custom made to match the Model S’s body lines. If that’s the case, we would love to have seen what went down when the owner went to a shop asking for a custom Lamborghini bumper for his Tesla.

The rest of the car is standard Model S save for the yellow brake calipers, but even the base model has power figures on par with the Lamborghini it’s imitating. Compared to the Huracan, the dual-motor Tesla makes 40 extra hp (41 PS / 30 kW), and that’s before we even get to the ludicrous (pun intended) tri-motor Plaid.

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