What Are The Benefits & Feature Of This SBI Credit Card?


The advantages of this SimplySAVE Advantage SBI card are many. Here are what the benefits one can avail of using this card:

Contactless Benefit

  • With the SBI SimplySAVE Advantage Card, purchases are now simple. To transact, just wave your card in front of a secure scanner.

  • It is fast and practical, and there is no need to use your card physically or search for cash to make small ticket purchases every day.

  • During a contactless transaction, the card never leaves your palm, thereby lowering the possibility of card loss and fraud as a result of skimming (counterfeit). Visa payWave’s unique security key feature ensures that just one transaction occurs even if the card is waved at the scanner many times, making it more secure.

EMI Balance Transfer

Reduce your spending after you pay down your credit card amount. Transfer a credit card amount from another bank to your SimplySAVE Advantage Card to get a cheaper interest rate and pay it back in EMIs. You must log in to with your user ID and password in order to utilise this service.

Cash On The Go

Anytime you wish, you can withdraw money from an ATM that accepts a Visa or MasterCard anywhere in the world.

Facility For Paying Utility Bills

Use the Easy Bill Pay feature on your card to pay your utility bills, including those for your mobile device, phone, and electricity.


Transform your transactions into convenient monthly installments with Flexipay. Use your SimplySAVE Advantage Card to make any purchase of Rs. 2,500 or more. Within 30 days of the purchase, go into using your username and password to convert it to Flexipay.

Extra Cards

With the SBI SimplySAVE Advantage card, you can empower your parents, spouse, kids, or siblings. But the cardholder must be over the age of 18 years.

Simple Money

Utilizing the Easy Money option, request a check or draft up to the cash limit and have it sent to your address.


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