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What If The Next 2026 Shelby GT500 Looked Like This Render?


This story includes speculative renderings of a future Shelby GT 500 created by Hycade that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ford.

The next-gen Shelby GT500 might be a few years away, but muscle car fans have already started dreaming about the performance flagship of the Mustang range. Independent designer Hycade revealed his take on the future Shelby-badged Mustang, looking more aggressive than ever thanks to a series of redesigned body panels.

The digital-only concept takes inspiration from the racing variants of the new Mustang but the visual kit makes it look even meaner, giving it a wide and low stance.

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The front end gets the largest possible bumper intakes, a two-part splitter, and of course a version-specific grille with the snake logo. The LED headlights remain stock, but the additional intakes on the wide fenders give them a slightly revised look similar to the previous-gen facelift. More importantly, the massive bonnet scoop shows that there is an extremely powerful engine underneath, in need of huge amounts of air.

The profile remains largely unaltered, setting aside the extended side sills and the large inlets behind the wheels fading out on the doors. The model is lowered and fitted with a new set of alloy wheels. At the back, the model is distinguished by the huge fixed rear wing, presumably made of carbon fiber. The rear bumper is also new with toned-up openings, excessively large quad tailpipes, and a diffuser.

The current Shelby GT500 was introduced in 2014 featuring several unique body panels compared to lesser versions of the sixth-gen Mustang. We expect something similar to happen with the new model, although in a more subtle manner compared to Hycade’s extreme renderings. After all, the GT500 will remain a road-legal production model, something that comes with certain compromises in the design which needs to be both functional and livable.

According to the latest rumors, the Shelby GT500 could be introduced in 2025, which is two years after the debut of the new Mustang. Ford is keeping its cards closed at the moment, but we will keep you posted on news, scoop stories, and reports. Until then, have a look at Hycade’s concept which easily wins the title of the most aggressive-looking seventh-gen Mustang yet.

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