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Frequently Asked Questions About Suggestive Selling

What does suggestive selling mean?

Suggestive selling is a sales technique. It is very similar to upselling, but with added and updated insights and strategies, including more gentle and personalized tactics.. Salespeople will use suggestive selling to add additional products on to a purchase, or suggest higher prices products based off of perceived value. 

What is the easiest form of suggestive selling?

The easiest way to suggestively sell is to listen to your customers and give them something that is actually of value to them. By communicating with your clientele and determining their tastes and preferences, as well as leveraging their purchase history, you can cater your suggestions to be more effective and useful for both parties.

Does suggestive selling work?

Yes, suggestive selling absolutely works. There are plenty of big brands and retail companies that have implemented cross selling, bundling, and segmented product marketing to increase their cart sizes, purchase values, and profits.

How does suggestive selling increase profits?

Suggestive selling increases profits by encouraging purchases with higher value and size. In addition, bundling can help retail companies clear stagnant stock off of their shelf, freeing up capital to purchase new inventory.


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