What Is the Best Online Ticketing System


Pricing and structure: Ticketing platform pricing can be a minefield, and the impact on your event budget is often significant. With the countless number of online ticketing platforms, you’ll likely encounter a multitude of options for fee structures that are downright silly.  In general, the advertised price covers the costs of the ticketing platform, and the payment processing costs are added separately. 

In such cases, the payment processing fee is usually passed on directly, and the ticketing platform does not take a margin of this cost. Beware of companies, however, that bundle these two fees into one overall cost per ticket. This reduces transparency and often results in the software provider adding a surcharge to your processing costs. Additionally, inquire about the pricing model. Many ticketing solutions charge on a per-ticket basis. For the vast majority of ticketing businesses, this adds to your overall costs, usually significantly. It’s typically better to find a solution that offers a flat rate fee for the service.

Reporting tools and customer data: The first stage of improvement is knowing what needs improvement. That’s why insights are one of the most essential features of a sound ticket management system. Based on the requests you receive, they will allow you to see what customers are looking for, how they are being answered, and how your team is performing overall. 

Your online ticketing system should allow you to collect data about your customers, too. Additionally, look for robust reporting and analytics. This data is invaluable and will drive almost every action your business takes. Is your data cloud-based? Is it exportable to applications like Microsoft Excel and other applications?

Marketing & communications: Your online ticketing system should allow you to communicate easily with your customers. Are you able to automate pre-and post-visit messages? Can you send targeted and timely communications, and can you do so directly from your ticketing system? All of these questions need to be addressed with the online ticketing company. Ideally, your point of sale system is fully integrated with a CRM system to help you manage this side of your operations. Your loyalty and CRM are critical aspects of increasing customer retention and return rates.

Purchasing process: What is the buying process like? Is it attractive and engaging, or is it confusing? Do guests have to create an account to purchase tickets? If so, do you want them to do so? Is there a way for members or VIPs to access special tickets or exclusive offers? 

Does your facility value the ability to offer the ability to purchase multiple events, memberships, and donations in one sales basket? Can you create a special event or exhibit entry? Again, the customer experience is so critical. You need your ticketing system to provide your guests with a seamless experience.


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