What New ICE Car Under $50k Would You Buy Today And Keep Forever?


It’s very rare but every once in a while somebody will buy a car and then use it as their daily driver for years on end. Not just any sort of vehicle will handle that kind of workload though. Some folks buy cars and then store them as future assets. That has us wondering… which new ICE car under $50k would you buy today and keep forever?

Of the two camps, it seems that far more cars are bought and stored for a hopeful future payday than those bought and used long term as a primary vehicle. We’ve all seen countless examples of supercars, hypercars, and even just historic cars that have so little mileage on them that they could’ve just rolled off of the production line.

Surely, finding a car worthy of collection like that isn’t too easy a task though when your maximum budget is just $50,000. The upcoming 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Morizo might make for a great choice though because it comes in just under budget, is limited to just 200 units, and it drives like… well, you’ll have to wait for September 14th before we can tell you about that part.

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On the other side of the coin, we feel quite confident that finding a car to daily drive for the rest of your life isn’t necessarily so hard. Cars today are more reliable than ever before so long as the collection of computers running them don’t fail in one way or another. They’re also more versatile than ever before.

Take for example the Dodge Durango R/T which comes in under our budget but also provides enough space for a growing family, enough power to take part in the occasional drag race, and enough towing capacity to haul stuff when needed. It’s also not overly complex so maintaining it for a long time shouldn’t be too tough. Of course, the one caveat to a vehicle like the Durango R/T is that it’s not going to be very fuel efficient.

Perhaps the right move then is to look for something like the Honda CR-V that’s going to be wildly reliable and fairly fuel efficient regardless of how engaging it is (or in this case, isn’t) from behind the wheel. How would you spend $50,000 if you were buying the vehicle you were about to be stuck with for decades? Let us know in the comments below!

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