What Pros Wear: Harper 7 Cleats, Turfs Now Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods,


We recently witnessed Bryce Harper breaking out the new Harper 7 on his Instagram. We discovered that they’re currently retailing in cleat form for $120 at Dick’s, $130-$140 at, and you can find some that are oddly on sale for $88 at

Bryce was even nice enough to drop into our comment section to give us a little background on the turfs he’s wearing above:

From the sounds of it, Bryce will be dropping some fire colorways (read on), and on the field he’s rocking a Phillie Phanatic green that can’t be ignored.

As far as what’s for sale, we’re only seeing a black and white version at Dick’s, which in itself is pretty dope.

Whereas Bryce’s cleats are usually made with hybrid plates (metal in front, plastic in back), the currently available version of the Harper 7 cleats are TPU (plastic).

If you’re looking for a hybrid metal option, read on…

At, its more varied, though the inventory is already low on some of the colorways available.

Under Armour is offering the traditional Harper set up with metals in the front and plastic under the heel. They reference a new 3-3-4 lightweight hybrid cleat plate with front UA Microtips.

Pewter – $130


Probably the fan favorite — these USA red/white/blues are already down to one size available (11.5). Hopefully they restock, or Dick’s breaks them out soon.

According to, the “Molded Ortholite™ sockliner maintains compression set for long-lasting comfort & improved traction,” and it sounds real comfy.

If you can keep ’em clean, go for the whites which have more sizes available. Bryce’s designs are always so money, even in simple colorways like these.

Our first opportunity to buy Bryce’s special “Round Trip Tour” pack, celebrating his love for music, comes in the form of these “Strobe” purple and blacks. House music walk-ups only.

I love the “Player’s Exclusive” tag on the upper. These are going for $140 with good sizes still available.

Lastly, the turfs:

Offered in all white at, these are retailing for $110.

What do you think about these? The Trout 8s better? For me its a toss-up.


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