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What’s coming up for reporting out of D.C. in 2023


In Washington, D.C., the New Year will bring a divided Congress, a shakeup in the roles and political clout of the members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation and a brand new farm bill.

And even as the dust has just settled on last month’s elections, the contest over who will win the White House in 2024 has begun. That means policy debates – including those on issues that affect Minnesota – will be infused more than ever with an eye on political impact.


Other than the farm bill and perhaps funding to keep the federal government running, a divided Congress is expected to produce little but gridlock and partisan battles.

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Still, there will be plenty of news out of the nation’s capital next year, including the outcomes of former President Trump’s legal battles, the emerging lineup of presidential candidates from either party and whether Sen. Amy Klobuchar runs for reelection to the Senate or makes another bid for the White House. The Supreme Court will also be busy next year, issuing key rulings on cases involving the use of race in college admissions, gay rights, Indian sovereignty and other impactful issues.

Thanks to MinnPost, I will have the privilege of covering what I expect is going to be a very active and unusual political year and will try my best to keep readers informed. But that work, as well as the great stories produced by my colleagues, can’t be accomplished without your help. If you have relied on our coverage in the past year and are able, please consider supporting our work in 2023.



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