What’s The Most Iconic Honda Model Of All Time?


When you read the word “Honda,” what’s the first image that pops into your head? It may sound like an odd question, but the answer says a lot about how a brand is perceived and what really matters in the eyes of enthusiasts.

That’s why today we’re asking what the most iconic Honda model of all time is. It’s a broad question but, I suppose, is really about what you value from an automaker, and what excites you most.

As a result, there could be multiple answers to this question. When you hear the word Honda, you may immediately think of the sedan that is one of the best-selling automobiles of all time. A car that’s as popular with geriatric misers, as it is with young hooligans: the Civic.

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On sale since 1972, more than 27 million Civics have been sold, but, impressively, they’re as lusted after as they are common. One of the driving forces behind the tuning industry for years, it’s hard to argue that the Civic is anything less than an icon.

But maybe you think that a true icon should be more exciting, more elevated, more performance-oriented. In that case, it would be hard to argue against the Honda/Acura NSX as the brand’s most iconic model. Made with the help of Ayrton Senna, one of the all-time great drivers, it elevated the brand and helped it punch above its weight for years. Better yet, it’s a bona fide classic now.

Maybe that’s too rare and too much of an outlier for your tastes, though. Perhaps something like the Honda S800 better represents the brand’s focus on engineering expertise, fun, and compact proportions to you.

There are no shortage of good answers, and we haven’t even talked about the brand’s motorcycles yet. Let us know what you think the most iconic Honda model ever is in the comments, and tell us why.


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