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What’s The Most Reliable Car Ever?


Planned obsolescence is a real thing that affects cars just like it does almost any other industry that produces tangible products. To that end, lots of cars are made today with the understanding that some components simply won’t last anywhere near as long as older versions might have. So we wonder, what’s the most reliable car ever?

Interestingly enough, modern cars might be complex and, at times, hard to fix, but they’re also incredibly reliable compared to many classics. Nevertheless, when they do break, they can be a major pain to repair. For instance, my old BMW E60 required the subframe to come out if you wanted to swap out the oxygen sensors.

For this question of the day, cars like that simply have no place even being considered for the list, much less the top spot. We’re thinking of cars like the Toyota Hilux for instance. It’s notoriously dependable and not just because Top Gear dropped it from a building and left it in the sea for a day before being able to restart it without much hassle.

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Another good choice might be the hard-to-kill Lexus LS400. When it came on the scene it was so overbuilt, it’s largely responsible for helping Lexus gain a foothold in America that other luxury brands never did.

Worthy of special consideration is the Citroen 2CV Sahara, whose simplicity of design and redundancy were its aces in the hole. Intended for use in extreme conditions as its name might suggest, the 2CV Sahara basically had nothing in its driveline that engineers could find a way to remove. It was devoid of a water pump, a thermostat, and head gaskets. In addition, Citroen built it with two completely separate drivetrains that could be linked to provide 4WD or disconnected should either one of them experience an issue. That’s some intense engineering and reliability on display.

It’s also worth stating that there are probably some very obscure vehicles that are very worthy of consideration. If you know of one please submit it below and explain to us all why it’s such a beast of burden. Really, that last part is important. Give us some understanding of why you’re picking the vehicle you are regardless of how well (or not) we might know it.


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