WhatsApp Pay India head Vinay Choletti quits just four months after taking up the position


Vinay Choletti’s LinkedIn post read, “India runs on Chai” is the tagline of ChaiPoint. But I am taking the liberty to say that India also runs on another critical lifeline called “WhatsApp”.

“Today was my last day at WhatsApp Pay and as I sign off, I can proudly say that watching the scale and the influence of WhatsApp in India has been a humbling experience. The last one year personally has been a great learning journey and the excitement of being in the frontline and launching some global first payments use cases such as “QR tickets for Bangalore Metro on WhatsApp” was unmatched. I am humbled to see the customer adoption of novel use cases using WhatsApp Pay and I will wear these badges proudly for the rest of my life.

As I move on to my next adventure, I strongly believe that WhatsApp has the power to phenomenally transform digital payments and financial inclusion in India and I look forward to seeing it leverage its potential in the coming years” [sic]


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