White Tesla Roadster Seen Alongside A Mystery Model Ahead Of Petersen Exhibition


A video of a number of Tesla vehicles seen hiding in the bowels of the Petersen Automotive Museum shows a mysterious Tesla off-road concept vehicle.

The video, posted to Twitter by Sawyer Meritt, a Tesla investor, shows a number of the brand’s vehicles such as the Cybertruck, some Cyberquads, an original Tesla Roadster, a Model S, and a prototype of the upcoming Tesla Roadster in white from 2017.

A very brief and blurry shot of a vehicle parked next to a red Model S (likely the Nürburgring edition), though, has caught the attention of some observers. The oddly shaped vehicle does not appear to share much in common with any production Teslas and may be made of stainless steel, like the Cybertruck.

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With very high wheel arches, no discernible bumper, and a high ride height, it has a number of the hallmarks of off-road racing design. Seen next to the Model S, though, it looks quite small, which is unusual, and the yellow circle around the center of the wheels makes it seem like it’s on space saver spares. It’s not unusual for vehicles with big tires (like an off-road racer) to be shipped with smaller wheels to save space, though.

Whatever it is, we’re likely to find out at “Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution,” the Petersen Museum exhibition that is advertised at the end of the short clip. Opening on November 19, the show “traces the company’s story from fledgling startup to EV juggernaut.”

According to the museum, the show will have a number of vehicles from the automaker on display, even those not necessarily intended for drivers like you and me, such as the Semi, which is expected to make its production debut later this year.


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