Who Quit and Who Got Fired During Elon Musk’s Era Post The Acquisition


According to a Bloomberg report, just a few days after Twitter’s mass layoff, dozens of employees were requested to come back to work at Twitter Inc. While several of these firings were claimed to be “mistakes” by the company, many others were called back as their expertise and experience may prove to be valuable while building the new features that Musk envisions for Twitter.

Hardly two weeks after the initial layoff, Twitter’s new director, Elon Musk sent out a midnight email on November 16, asking employees to gear up to work in a “hardcore” work culture as they start building a breakthrough Twitter 2.0. He said, “We will need to be extremely hardcore. This will mean working long hours at high intensity.”

Twitter employees who agreed with the terms, and were ready to put in more hours of work were asked to click a “Yes” on a link given in the email by 5 pm ET on November 17. It was also mentioned that whoever fails to do so will be receiving their “three months of severance”, meaning they’ll be laid off as well.

Reacting to this, hundreds of employees decided to resign and quit the company on their own terms. However, Musk seems to be least bothered about it. Replying to a Twitter user on all the layoffs and resignations, Musk said that he wasn’t that worried as “The best people are staying.”

The count remained close to 3,700 employees after the first layoff. However, according to sources close to the company, after the email asking people to go “hardcore”, approximately 1200 full-time employees have resigned from Twitter.


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