Why Chevy Isn’t Worried That Only $605 Separate The 2024 Trax From The Trailblazer


Chevrolet unveiled the 2024 Trax earlier today and it starts at $21,495. That’s only $605 less than the 2023 Trailblazer and this raises plenty of questions about whether or not there’s enough separation between the two models.

Chevrolet clearly believes there is and officials explained their thinking at a media briefing earlier this month. As they noted, the compact crossover segment has effectively split into two as some models are focused on value while others are roomier, but more expensive.

The compact crossover segment is also expected to grow 32 percent in the next five years, so Chevrolet believes there’s more than enough room for two different entries. Officials also hinted the death of the Ford EcoSport will help to fuel Trax sales.

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While $605 isn’t much, consumers rarely get the base model. In fact, Chevrolet expects there will be a $5,000 difference in average transaction prices for the Trax and Trailblazer. There’s little reason to doubt this as the company noted more than 70 percent of Trailblazer buyers get the optional 1.3-liter engine and more than 40 percent of customers order all-wheel drive.

Given this, Chevrolet doesn’t expect the Trax to cannibalize sales from the Trailblazer. The company also noted the models target two very different groups of consumers. Trax customers are expected to include a mix of first-time car buyers and empty nesters, while the Trailblazer appeals to young families. Furthermore, the Trax will be offered exclusively with front-wheel drive while the Trailblazer offers all-wheel drive.

Lastly, the Trax is seen as a “gateway” to the Chevrolet brand as it will become their most affordable model. Officials also noted the entry-level crossover is softer and more compliant than its larger counterpart.


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