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Why Don’t Dispensaries Take Card? Payments in Cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Dispensaries Don’t Take Cards

Why can’t dispensaries use cards?

Dispensaries can’t use cards because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. This means that banks and credit card companies won’t allow marijuana-related transactions to be facilitated over their network. Nonetheless, there are several workarounds and bypass options that cannabis retail companies have employed, such as cashless ATMs and smartphone payment apps.

Why can’t dispensaries use banks?

Dispensaries actually can use banks for certain things. To be sure, marijuana-related businesses cannot use banks like most retail businesses, such as for acquiring financing and executing normal transactions. However, they do have the option of depositing cash in local credit unions and cannabis-friendly financial institutions.

How do dispensaries handle cash?

Dispensaries should handle cash with extreme care and security. This should include a plan for a standard operating procedure for employees, as well as a reinforced vault in which to drop daily revenue. Using a modern, robust dispensary point of sale system with intuitive cash protection is also a must.

Can you use debit cards at dispensaries?

Sometimes you can use debit cards at dispensaries. But, officially, the answer is no. There are several methods of working around the prohibition of marijuana-related businesses by banks. These workarounds involve using cashless ATMS that deposit directly to the dispensary, or apps that transfer funds via ACH. 

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