Windows 10 Emergency Security Update: What It Means for Your Retail POS System Copy


We have a different sort of blog post for today. Microsoft has just rolled out an emergency update for Windows 10 users. This includes POS users who are using a Windows operating system.

While most of our customers use our proprietary Linux system, Koronix, there are some who do use Windows. And for those of you reading who are NOT customers, it’s likely that your business runs on Windows if you’re not using Apple devices.

Read below to learn more about the Windows 10 KB5004945 emergency update.

How Can I Avoid These Issues?

While there are always cybersecurity threats, there are some easy ways to minimize them. For more general advice, check out our blog on cybersecurity tips for small businesses.

For issues such as the “PrintNightmare” attack, it’s helpfult to use a POS system that runs on its own operating system. Most KORONA POS users operate on our Koronix Linux-based OS. This helps keep your devices and data safe from cyber attacks, allowing your business to operate smoothly at all times.

If you’re a current user and have any questions feel free to reach out to us anytime! And if you’re thinking about making a switch to a better point of sale system, click below to start a free trial.

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