Winning lottery 9x in a row easier than breaching Bitcoin’s security


An investment in Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, can offer better security than the odds of winning in a Lotto Powerball.

As per reports, one has to win Lotto Powerball nine times in a row to match the odds. Thus, by investing in BTC, investors enjoy a higher tendency to secure their funds and make more wealth.


According to findings, the number of persons who win huge sums of money through these government-approved legal gambling systems every week is usually not more than two. 

The U.S. Powerball jackpot has not had a winner in the last three months, and the prize pool now stands at a world-record amount of $1.9 billion in gambling. Also, the premier lottery game has not produced a winner since over three months ago.  

Investing in Bitcoin may be a better option in this market

Buying Bitcoin seems to be a preferable option in the present market conditions. Prevailing indices place Bitcoin in a better position to appreciate within a year than winning a lottery within such an amount of time. This is because the crypto enjoys a limited supply and persistent slash rate, influencing its value over time.

However, given this would be viewed as an investment, consumers would put their eggs in a price increase for Bitcoin. Reports indicate that Bitcoin performed well even after the FED interest hike when other “safer” assets like Gold and NASDAQ plummeted. 


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