Woman Has An Epic Response To $6.7 Million Parking Ticket In Greece


A woman from Greece is likely the receiver of the most expensive parking ticket in the world, with the municipality of the island of Rhodes asking her to pay a breathtaking €6,648,444 ($6,740,657) for a parking-related offense.

The incident was reported a few days ago by the local newspaper Rodiaki from Rhodes. The notice for the multi-million-euro payment was delivered to the woman in June. When she opened the envelope and saw the fine she nearly fainted.

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This is the millionaire’s parking ticket with a seven-digit fine – Image credits

According to the report, the woman initially thought the amount was €6,648 ($6,740) which was still a massive shock, since the minimum wage in Greece is only €713 ($723). When she realized that the number was even higher at €6.6 million (equal to around $6.7 million at current exchange rates), she knew it couldn’t be anything but a mistake.

Can I Pay In Cash?

The next day, the woman visited the municipality in order to pay her fine. There, she showed the parking ticket to the employee and said that it would not be possible to pay with her credit card, so she would like to pay in cash. This was a joke referring to the note that all fines that are over €100 must be paid through a card. As you can imagine, the employee was stunned by the amount written on the paperwork. He immediately assured the woman that it was a mistake indeed, sparing her the €6,6 million.

While officials aren’t sure how this error ended up in the woman’s mailbox, it seems that the hot Greek summer has taken its toll on the employees of the municipality in Rhodes, which is a beautiful island for vacation, and currently full of visitors from all over the world.

A snapshot from the beachfront in Rhodes, Greece


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