Woman Tries Lambo-Style Reverse In Her Hyundai Santa Fe, Falls Out Of The Car


Reversing out of a parking space is usually an easy job but a video proves that, occasionally, things can go wrong. A woman fell out of her Hyundai Santa Fe while reversing, with the SUV hitting her neighbor’s Hyundai Venue and the garbage bins.

The video, uploaded on YouTube by ViralHog, was shot on May 28, supposedly from a safety camera. The first-gen Hyundai Santa Fe can be seen reversing in a small alley before the accident occurred.

At some point and for an inexplicable reason, the driver of the SUVe opens the door and falls out of the moving vehicle. Some commenters suggested that the woman might have tried to directly look out of the car as she was reversing. This is a common practice among Lamborghini owners who often open their suicide doors for a better view behind the vehicle while reversing. The old Santa Fe doesn’t have a reversing camera but it definitely doesn’t suffer from the rear visibility problems of a low-slung supercar.

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Back to our story, the driverless Santa Fe appears to hit the Venue that was parked across the street. The damage is not visible but we guess that the low-speed collision most likely resulted in a scratch or a minor bump on the bodywork. Then the Santa Fe crashes into the garbage bins while the terrified woman tries to get back in the vehicle and stop it from causing any more damage. Thankfully she succeeds and puts it on Park before running back to her house. Next time you unpark a vehicle remember to keep the doors closed unless, of course, you are driving something like a Countach, in which case it might be justifiable due to the virtually non-existent rear visibility.

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