Would You Fancy A 2023 BMW M2 Convertible Like Our Render?


This story includes renderings of a fictional BMW M2 Convertible created by Thanos Pappas for CarScoops that are neither related to nor endorsed by BMW.

BMW M might have drop-top models in its lineup including the M4 Convertible and the M8 Convertible, but the M2 never got the chance to go topless. Following the reveal of the all-new generation of BMW M’s entry-level coupe, we decided to create an M2 Convertible ourselves, using the power of photo editing software.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible was discontinued after the end of the previous generation’s lifecycle, which ends any speculation on a possible open-top M2. However, the current G42 is based on an improved version of the F22’s chassis which means that such a vehicle would be technically feasible. This wild scenario fueled our imagination, resulting in some flight-of-fantasy renderings.

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Render Thanos Pappas /

We started with the side view, adding a traditional rag top on the muscular body of the BMW M2. The black fabric always adds a certain sexiness to the proportions of a coupe putting more emphasis on the lower volume, and the M2 is no exception, thanks to the boxy rear fenders. The profile is probably the best view of the new M2 that has already caused a bit of controversy with some of its styling cues including the bumper intakes and the taillights.

For the second rendering based on a front three/quarters view, we kept the roof down, taking advantage of the sunny weather. The exposed cabin and the lack of pillars make the fictional M2 Convertible look more exotic than the M2 Coupe. This feeling is accentuated by the bright yellow shade, contrasting with the glossy black accents on the bodykit and the black-finished alloy wheels. We applied a body-colored treatment for the windshield frame and M-style mirror caps which makes the car look sexier – at least in our eyes.

Last but not least we made a rendering of the rear three-quarters, completing the 360-degree tour of the fictional model. In this case, we kept the roof up, since the original press photo was taken during a hot lap. There, the model would take full advantage of the twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine producing 453 hp (338 kW / 459 PS) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque, its RWD playfulness, and the aggressive chassis setup from BMW M engineers.

The roof reclining mechanism and the necessary reinforcements to the frame for maintaining a high rigidity would certainly add weight to the sportscar, but the setbacks in performance would be barely noticeable. Just ask any owner of a BMW M4 Convertible if they have noticed being slower than the M4 Coupe, or if they ever cared about numbers. Besides the open-air feeling, another advantage of a convertible is the unlimited headroom for the rear passengers which would turn the M2 into a proper four-seater on sunny days.

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While it was reportedly under consideration a few years ago, BMW never made an M2 Convertible. There is however at least one known example in existence, created by a German tuner called Lightweight Performance. The model first appeared in 2018 combining parts from an M2 Coupe and a humble 2 Series Convertible, while in 2020 it proved to be quicker around Sachsenring than a stock M2 CS thanks to a series of mechanical upgrades.

The market for open-top models keeps shrinking but we hope automakers find a way to keep them alive, satisfying the needs of romantics in the petrolhead community and giving us an alternative to bulky SUVs. Would you take our BMW M2 Convertible for a spin?

Renderings by Thanos Pappas for CarScoops


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