Xpeng’s All-Electric VTOL Aircraft Takes Flight In Dubai


Xpeng’s X2 eVTOL aircraft has made its first public flight, taking to the skies of Dubai after being granted a special flying permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).

The demonstration flight took place during the opening day of the GITEX Global technology show at the Dubai World Trade Center. The X2 took to the skies without a human operator inside.

The vehicle has been built by Xpeng Aeroht, the company’s aero division. It is currently in its fifth-generation and adopts an enclosed cockpit with a teardrop-shaped design. Xpeng has constructed the aircraft almost exclusively from carbon fiber and equipped it with both manual and autonomous flying modes.

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During its short flight, the Xpeng X2 received appraisal from DCAA reviewers for its stability and standardization of the entire flight operation process. This represents the first time an autonomous flying vehicle from China has completed its operational risk assessment overseas.

“GITEX has played host to pivotal moments over the years,” executive vice president of events management at Dubai World Trade Center, Trixie LohMirmand, explained. “Today, we are proud to support the first public flight of the pioneering flying car XPENG AEROHT X2 in partnership with the Dubai International Chamber. Electric flying cars are the future of travel, and it is incredible to witness history in the making today.”

While Xpeng refers to the X2 as a ‘flying car’, the current fifth-generation product could be best described as a manned and autonomous quadcopter. However, Xpeng’s plan is to equip the sixth-generation model with wheels so it can operate as a flying car.

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