Yikes… LaFerrari Driver Crunches Side Skirt While Exiting Parking Spot


There are few maneuvers in driving that are both as common and as stressful as exiting a parking spot next to a low curb. And one Ferrari LaFerrari driver has proven why that is, by damaging his car mere inches after taking off.

The video, posted to Facebook by Supercar Advocates, opens on a tight closeup of a Ferrari LaFerrari as it’s being started and the driver is putting on his seatbelt. He opens his window to speak to the cameraman in what sounds like Chinese (if anyone can translate, you can tell us what they’re saying in the comments below).

At any rate, they exchange a few words and the driver starts creeping forward. While still paying attention to the person behind the camera, the driver starts driving forward with a little more speed. Almost as soon as they start moving, though, a crunch can be heard as the Ferrari quickly stops.

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Another video posted in the comments shows that the side skirt panel is pretty well destroyed, having been punched through where the car made contact with the obstacle. Although the driver could easily be blamed for not paying enough attention as he was exiting the spot, I’m sure I’ve exited parking spots in much the same way. I just had the benefit of being too poor to own a Ferrari and the good fortune to not run into anything.

Even though it was a very low speed accident, given the extent of the damage we guess that the owner of the LaFerrari will have to face a hefty repair bill – which is to be expected, since we’re talking about a limited-run Ferrari hypercar.


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