You Can Buy A GMC Hummer EV-Inspired All-Wheel Drive E-Bike For $3,999


GMC Hummer fans have a new toy available to them and they’ll be happy to know that it costs just $3,999. Built in partnership with Recon, the GMC Hummer EV AWD Ebike is exactly what it sounds like. Much like the Hummer EV pickup truck it’s inspired by, this new fat tire hardtail ebike is overbuilt and ready to handle the trails.

AWD ebikes aren’t a totally new thing, and Recon makes another one called the Stryker, but the Hummer EV ebike is still on another level. At each hub lies a 48-volt 750-watt Bafang motor with a peak power of 1,200W. A 1 kWh detachable battery pack keeps the rig running.

Three different drive modes are available to the rider. In Cruise mode, the rear wheel only gets power. In Traction mode, the power switches to 100 percent front-wheel drive, while in Adrenaline mode, both wheels get power. Top speed is limited to 28 mph (45 km/h).

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Supporting equipment includes an adjustable front fork and a pair of four-piston brakes to keep the bike under control. Large Kenda tires will also support riding on a number of surfaces including dirt, mud, and sand. The Hummer ebike is available to reserve right now for $3,999.

At that price, buyers get a 17.5 amp hour battery pack. Those who want more time riding between charges can go for a 21 amp hour version for $4,175. A $500 initial deposit is required to secure a reservation and holders can expect delivery in December.

That’s a big chunk of change for an ebike but it’s not much more expensive than others in the same space. The Stryker mentioned previously starts at $3,799 and features less powerful motors. It also lacks the distinctive Hummer-esque styling of the top tube and seat stays.

“GMC is excited to collaborate with Recon as they develop the GMC Hummer EV AWD Ebike,” said Rich Latek, marketing director for GMC. “With design cues and inspiration taken directly from the GMC Hummer EV Supertruck, this Ebike further expands customer’s ability to explore different off-road trails – whether in the vehicle or out on the bike.”

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first bike with GMC Hummer branding either. Back in the early 2000s, GMC partnered with Montague to create a folding Hummer-branded mountain bike. Other automotive brands like Porsche have also released ebikes this year.


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