You Can Configure A Really Wild Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato


The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is quite a weird vehicle. While we have no doubt that the Italian firm will easily sell all 1,499 examples, we can’t imagine there were that many Lamborghini buyers pleading with the carmaker to introduce an off-road-focused version of its V10-powered supercar.

Shortly after the car’s unveiling, the official configurator for it has been released, giving us a chance to see the Huracan Sterrato in the finest of detail and to specify it just as we would want.

Two versions are available, the Tecnica- Bianco Phanes and the base model which can be configured in a host of different colors more easily. The available palette is comprehensive and includes Lamborghini’s base colors, its Sportiva line, Contemporanea options, Eclettica collection, Classica, Tecnica, and the Ad Personam palette. We’ve opted for Viola Mel, a share of matte purple through the Ad Personam programme.

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Once you select your preferred color, there are three wheel options to choose from with our favorites being the 19-inch Rims Morus finished in matte bronze. Eight brake caliper options are also available. Customers who really want to make a statement can also choose between a host of different livery options.

The Huracan Sterrato is also available with gloss black roof rails and crossbars available in either matte black or silver.

The scope of personalization in the cabin is just as comprehensive as it is across the exterior. To stand out, we’ve opted for Grigio Octans as the base color and Blu Cepheus as the contrast color, even though it doesn’t match the exterior of the car. Different seats are available as are two different floor mat designs, the option to have the steering wheel trimmed in leather or Alcantara, and to have small accents finished in dark chrome or carbon fiber.

You can check out Lamborghini’s configurator for yourself here.

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