You Could Own The Top Gear TVR Sagaris For Less Than A Porsche Cayman GTS


While the future of TVR might still be in question, there’s no doubt that it made some of the wildest sports cars to ever come out of the UK. Now, one of the most famous TVR models is up for sale, and it’s none other than the Chameleon Orange Sagaris featured on Top Gear.

This particular car was part of TVR’s press fleet and as such, it made the rounds with journalists in Europe. After driving this car Autocar said that “the Sagaris represents TVR’s finest hour.” Evo heaped similar praise on the car calling it TVR’s maddest modern creation.”

Still, none of that really compares to Top Gear’s own Jeremy Clarkson driving the car on the show and called it “excellent” and “so special.” The segment saw him demonstrate the car’s next-level handling over any TVR that had come before it according to Clarkson. It then set a lap time of 1:24.6, less than a second off of the time set by Pagani’s V12-powered Zonda.

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The Sagaris is powered by TVR’s Speed Six inline-six powertrain, developing just a bit more than 400 hp (298 kW), which is sent to the rear wheels only via a six-speed manual transmission. The car is now available through Hilton and Moss, showing 44,300 miles on the clock, for just £69,995 or about $79,000.

A brand new Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 will cost you about $10,000 more than that and is nowhere near as special. Of course, the Porsche probably won’t break as often and comes with a warranty. Still, we think this Sagaris might be a steal for that kind of cash.

There are a great many collectible cars on the planet but this one might be the best way to get into a very exclusive club. Not only is it special simply because of what it is, but its time splashed across magazine pages and TV makes it all the more valuable. At this price, we can’t imagine it’ll last too long.

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