You May Not Be Able To Trust The Fuel Gauge In Your 2020 Honda CR-V


The fuel float in certain 2020 Honda CR-Vs may be prevented from doing its job correctly due to an improperly welded part. That has led to a recall of 212 examples built between September 24 and September 29, 2020.

Honda first became aware of the issue in August 2021, when it received a warranty claim about a CR-V that wouldn’t start. Between the summer and January 2021, the automaker received another six warranty claims and then another two in April 2022 relating to vehicles that were either unable to start, experienced stalling, or exhibited general fuel gauge inaccuracy.

The parts were sent back to Honda and the fuel tank supplier for investigation and analysis. Through that, it was discovered that the fuel absorber clip could separate from the tank due to improper welding. That would, in turn, impede the path of the fuel pump float arm.

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By looking at supplier records, Honda was able to determine that the improper welding occurred on a single shift of fuel tank production in which the stopper that controls weld depth was not set to specification.

Honda determined that the defect could have safety implications and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration writes that the fault could lead to unexpected stalling, which could increase the risk of a crash. The nature of the fault means that there won’t really be any warnings for drivers and owners. Fortunately, Honda is not aware of any crashes injuries, or deaths stemming from this issue.

Starting on July 5, Honda will reach out to owners by mail regarding this recall. They will be asked to bring their vehicle in to an authorized Honda dealer where the fuel tank will be replaced free of charge. The new tanks will have correctly welded components.


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