You’ll Have To Be A Huge Transformers Fan To Buy This Chevy Avalanche


Believe it or not but under the skin of this wacky six-wheeled creation is a 2003 Chevrolet Avalance and it is currently up for sale through Marketplace in Toronto, Canada.

Very limited details have been provided in the listing, other than the fact that it is a “fully customized show truck.” Evidently, the owner of the Avalanche is a big fan of the Transformers movie franchise and wanted to build a vehicle that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of one of the Michael Bay-directed films.

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The bodywork of the Avalanche has been overhauled. For starters, the Chevy is much longer than it was when it first left the factory, necessitating the installation of a third axle.

The front is the first area that catches the eye thanks to the massive body-colored grille and the distinctive headlights. Continuing the wild design are unique quarter panels and fender flares featured alongside newly-skinned doors and pronounced rocker panels.

This is a show car in the truest sense as the rear seats and passenger compartment of the Avalance have been removed and in their place sits two large areas clad in white plastic and sporting a handful of speakers and two skylights.

The rear of the Avalanche has also been comprehensively modified. Most notable are the 17 vertical LED lights and an area that can open up to expose even more Pioneer speakers.

The listing doesn’t make any mention as to what engine is powering the Avalanche but it does state that it has been driven roughly 100,000 km (~62,000 miles).


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