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YouTuber Recreates The Toyota Crown Out Of Cardboard


Toyota has teamed up with YouTuber DanCreator to build a life-size Crown out of corrugated cardboard.

While there’s no word on how long the project took, the process began with Dan cutting long strips of cardboard and then gluing them together. He made three sets of these and then connected them together to serve as the vehicle’s frame.

From there, the car begins to take shape as Dan adds supports for the cardboard bodywork and then starts installing the window frames. He then moves on to create the tires, which are made out of layers of circular cardboard with faux brake discs and wheels forming the outer sections. Once all four are built, they’re added to cardboard tubes that serve as axles.

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Dan then installs LED headlights and begins painstakingly folding, taping, and hot gluing together body panels that mimic the shape of the real Crown. Once mounted onto the car, the tape is removed to give the model a more finished look.

With the exterior largely complete, Dan turns his attention to the cabin as he ‘upholsters’ the seats, adds a center console, and mounts a cardboard steering wheel. He then mounts functional doors, installs ‘windows,’ and adds finishing touches such as mirrors and daytime running lights.

The end result is a piece of automotive art that is instantly recognizable as a Crown thanks to its distinctive front fascia. While the model isn’t perfect, it’s truly impressive for something crafted out of cardboard and could give you some inspiration for all those packages that are coming after Black Friday.

That being said, this isn’t Dan’s first foray into automotive cardboard as he has previously built a dump truck, a tuk tuk, and a version of the Tamiya Victory Magnum. He has also made things inspired by video games as well as a giant marble run that took approximately two months to build.

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