YouTuber Wrecks Brand New $109k GMC Hummer EV After Just 9 Miles


The GMC Hummer EV is a very capable off-roader but as this YouTuber recently discovered, it isn’t idiot-proof.

The YouTuber in question, going by the name of Mondi, picked up the keys to the all-electric pickup truck in Edition 1 guise earlier this month. He documented the pick-up process at his local dealership but soon after rolling out of the showroom, his excitement got the better of him.

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After initially testing out the truck’s potent ‘Watts to Freedom’ launch control system that allows it to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3 seconds, Mondi took the Hummer EV onto a section of gravel to test out its off-roading capabilities. Things didn’t going to plan.

While messing around and scaring the life out of his passengers, the YouTuber slammed into a massive ditch in the trail. The force of the impact busted the radiator and caused significant damage to the passenger side rear wheel, bending it at the axle.

Additionally, the impact with the ditch tore of various pieces from the GMC’s underbody. Making things even worse for the YouTuber is the fact that the Hummer EV had just 9 miles under its belt at the time.

Given the extensive damage done to the pickup’s rear suspension and frame, there’s a good chance its insurer will hit it with a salvage title. We suspect it could be repaired, however, but doing so obviously won’t be cheap.


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