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YYZ Express: Priority Security at for Domestic and International Flights from Toronto


This week, Toronto Pearson International Airport debuted YYZ Express, which allows travellers flying to domestic and international destinations to reserve a time at security, thereby skipping what could be a very long line.

The program is free to use, and only takes a few minutes of your time to complete the process online.

For those without NEXUS, utilizing this program could indeed result in breezing through the airport rather than wasting time in endless lines. This can especially be useful during busy parts of the day and during peak travel periods, when lineups can be much longer than usual.

YYZ Express: Skip the Security Line by Booking in Advance

If you’re able to plan for your arrival at the airport, YYZ Express allows you to schedule a time to pass through security screening for departures to domestic and international destinations.

Reserving a time in advance lets you bypass the line, and gets you front-of-the-line access to security screening.

The same service is available for US-bound passengers in Vancouver, known as YVR Express.

You can schedule your time to enter security screening through YYZ Express up to 72 hours ahead of your flight’s departure time. 

YYZ Express is available to passengers departing from the D gates at Terminal 1 from 5am–2pm, and for passengers departing from the B and C gates at Terminal 3 from 2–10pm. 

In other words, if your flight is departing from the D gates in Terminal 1, you can use the service. Similarly, if your flight is departing from the B or C gates at Terminal 3, you can use the service.

There’s no cost to use YYZ Express, you don’t need to create any accounts, and the entire process is completed in four easy steps:

  • Head to the YYZ Express website within 72 hours of your flight’s departure time
  • Enter in your date of travel, flight information, number of passengers in your party, and your email address, and receive a QR code

  • Arrive at the airport in advance of your reserved time, complete your check-in, and head to the designated security checkpoint within 15 minutes of your reserved time
  • Keep an eye out for the YYZ Express signs at Terminal 1 D gates or near check-in counter #333 at Terminal 3 B and C gates, show your QR code, and head to the front of the line

Note that you can also use YYZ Express at the airport, as long as you’ve arrived with some time to spare. Furthermore, up to 10 passengers can use the same QR code for YYZ Express. 

Passengers who are connecting in Toronto won’t have access to YYZ Express, unless they leave the airport.

If you have a NEXUS card, you won’t be able to use YYZ Express, as you already have access to a separate lane.

You can cancel or change your booking at any time, by clicking on the appropriate link in your confirmation email.

Use Mobile Passport Control for US Departures from YYZ 

YYZ Express won’t help you if you’re heading to the United States from Toronto. Luckily, there’s another program that you can benefit from after you’ve made it through the security line at US departures.

Recall that Mobile Passport Control is also available at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Since the app’s release for Canadians in September 2022, we’ve received many reports that it has saved travellers a significant amount of time at pre-clearance facilities.

Even though you’ll have to wait in the regular line to get through security, you should be able to significantly expedite your entry into the United States with Mobile Passport Control.

It’s possible that YYZ Express will be extended to US departures, and we’ll be sure to let you know if that happens. 


By making use of YYZ Express, Toronto-based passengers bound for domestic or international destinations can enjoy a streamlined airport experience.

With YYZ Express, passengers can book a time slot at security, which results in heading to the front of the security queue for certain flights from Terminals 1 and 3.

Meanwhile, with Mobile Passport Control, passengers can submit their information to US Customs and Border Protection in advance. Once at US pre-clearance facilities, passengers can head through a dedicated line, thus expediting the process.

If you are a Toronto-based passenger, be sure to make use of both programs depending on your destination. Doing so could result in plenty of time saved, giving you more time to spend in the lounge and less time waiting in the queue.


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