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Z06 Buyers Will Be Able To Build Their Own 670-hp LT6 Engines At Kentucky Corvette Plant

The 2023 Corvette Z06 might be a bargain next to other supercars, but Chevy has come up with plenty of ways to help you inflate that $106,395 base price, including a $10,495 Visible Carbon Fiber Pack, an $11,995 carbon wheel option, and a convertible body style for an additional $7,500.

But the newest and arguably coolest option is one you won’t see. Chevrolet has brought back its build-your-own scheme specifically for the 5.5-liter LT6 engine in the Z06. Buyers who tick the option will be invited to the Performance Build Center inside the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they will assemble the Z06 motor for their car under the watchful eye of an expert Chevy engine builder.

Corvette Assembly Plant Director Kai Spande announced the return of the scheme during the Corvette Museum’s 28th anniversary celebrations, telling the crowd that the option would be available from Q2 2023. Corvette Blogger reports that the service cost $5,000 when it was available for earlier Corvettes, but is likely to cost more this time.

Previously, customers paying to assemble their own engines  would do so on the regular line with Chevy’s technicians and move from one station to the next to complete their build. But this time Z06 owners-to-be will be assigned a dedicated workspace and will have all the parts brought to them, which should make it feel more like you’re building an engine in a speed shop.

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Building the Z06’s DOHC LT6 will certainly be more complicated than putting together an older, simpler pushrod V8, but the rewards for that complexity are a 670 hp (679 PS) power output and an 8,600 rpm redline. And to make sure your engine actually delivers close to that power figure it will be run on a dyno before returning to the plant to be slotted into your car at a later date.

This is one option we’d definitely tick on our fantasy Z06, and we’d be willing to sacrifice a few other luxury features to pay for it.

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