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Tips to Buy Door Knobs

At first, you may find it hard to opt for the right door knob. However, if you do your homework and consider a few important factors, you can make the right choice. Focusing on the style, function and location will help you opt for the right doorknobs for your doors. Given below are the steps you can follow to choose the best one.

Measure Your Door

First, you should do the bore hole measurement. In other words, you should measure the diameter of the bore hole to buy the right sized unit. Make a note of the size. Next, you should measure the backset. This is the space between the edge of the door and the bore hole. Usually, the size is between 2 3/4 or 2 3/4 inches.

Find out how think your door is. Your measurement should start at the left edge and end at the right edge. Often, interior doors are around 3.5 cm thick.

Opt for a Lock and Doorknob

Opt for a lockset. Usually, locksets are divided into two primary categories: cylindrical and mortise. The later feature a rectangular body that glides into a pocket that has a similar shape. The other type feature a rotund body and tends to go into a bore hole and joins the latch bolt.

Also, there are electronic locks that use electric current to work. Generally, you can use electric door knobs for your house exterior.

Opt for a passage knob for connecting your rooms. Typically, they are ideal for rooms that you don’t need to lock or close. For instance, these rooms are for laundry or storage. For instance, if you put your unnecessary stuff in the basement, you can use passage knobs for your basement door.

Go for a privacy knob as they are used for bathrooms and bedrooms. Their locking mechanisms is activated from the inside of the bathroom or bedroom. Primarily, these knobs block access to the room from outside.

Use a dummy knob for decoration. This type of knob has no formal function and is used for the decorative purpose only. Usually, they are placed on door surface. Often, they are used for cabinets and closets.

Buy a Doorknob

Go for function and style. You can go for utilitarian design if you want to use your doorknob for a storage room. You can get beautiful door knobs for all of your rooms. Just make sure you opt for a style that can make your door function well. You can’t compromise on the functionality of your doors.

Finishing is important. When checking doorknob listings, notice the finishing of the door knobs. Common finishes include chrome, satin nickel, bronze, iron, brass and metal, just to name a few. Opting for a finish depends upon the location and aesthetic taste.

Once you know what you need, you should buy doorknobs from retailers. Ideally, you may want to buy from major chain stores. Don’t forget to consider the warranties and return policies.

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